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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old does my child need to be to start dance classes?

A. We start our dance program at age 3 with a 45 minute combination class of Ballet and Tap. 

Q. Is ballet class required to take other dance forms?

A. Ballet is only a requirement in order to take Pointe classes. However, ballet is the basis of all dance forms. We strongly encourage all dancers to participate in a weekly ballet class. This allows students to learn the technique required to reach their full potential as a dancer.

Q. Is there a required color for my child's dance attire?

A. No specific color is required. See our "Dress Code" page for detailed dress code information.


Q. Are there make-up classes?

A. Yes. Each dancer has the opportunity to make-up any missed classes due to illness or scheduling conflicts. A list is posted at each studio at the beginning of the year for all dancers to see alternate classes available.

Q. What is your snow day policy?

A. The studio does not go by school closings. A stormy New England morning can often turn into a sunny afternoon. A dated message will be on the studio answering machines no later than one hour prior to class time.

Q. When is your recital usually held?

A. Our annual performance is held in May at Leominster High School.


Q. How long is your recital?

A. Our annual performance is typically 2 hours and 15 minutes long. This is not your average dance recital! We do a theatrical performance filled with quality dances, upbeat music, and an entertaining script.

Heidi Hogan's School of Dance, Copyright 2011

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