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About Us

Heidi Hogan's School of Dance was founded by Heidi Ann Hogan in 1995 in Leominster, MA. The school and its faculty believe that all dance forms can and should be taught in a loving and supportive environment. We believe that dancers learn better and progress faster when they are comfortable in their surroundings. Our teachers strive to strike the right balance between encouraging achievement while keeping classes fun, which is

extremely important to us as a school.

We are a dance studio that focuses on technique and performance rather than competitions. We feel that instead of working on ONE routine for an upcoming competition, our classes focus throughout the year on mastering dance techniques. This approach offers students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of dance movements and combinations to become much more well-versed in the art form of dance.


We offer performance opportunities throughout the year such as:

  • Local fairs

  • Talent shows

  • Birthday parties

  • Wedding dances

  • Community performances

  • Dance intensives 

  • Dance camp presentations

  • Annual May performance

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